We were blessed to provide emergency safe house services to survivors of the Lehigh Valley over the past eight months. Unfortunately, the house that we were leasing experienced a mold attack. While we were able to salvage some of the most important items, we are sad to inform you that much of the contents of the house had to be discarded because of contact with the mold. 

To begin, thank you to the wonderful family that allowed us to utilize the property in support of our mission and vision. However, after much debate and an official inspection, they allowed us out of the lease because of the mold problem was greater than what anyone could imagine.

Although ASPIRE experienced an unforeseen and great loss, we progress forward. 

What do we do from here?

  1. We are moving forward with our project underground railroad system which will include several small safe houses in the region. We will continue to help survivors through a referral process to other support organizations.  
  2. We are NOT closing our safe house permanently. We are looking to find other suitable locations, and to do that we must raise funds. 
  3. We are moving forward with our Project Underground Railroad (#PURR) system by providing more education and activation throughout the region. 

What is Project Underground Railroad? (Eastern PA freedom trail) 

Project Underground Railroad is part of the Aspire to Autonomy’s #CIC; Community Impacting Community Initiative. It strives to align with other faith-based organizations, community organizations, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and concerned community members to raise awareness and provide a path to autonomy for those who have been trafficked.

Our objective is to create a grassroots movement that will educate and equip the community to not only be more aware of human trafficking but provide the necessary tools and resources to take a stand against human trafficking and help to lead victims to safety.  Together we can stomp out the misconceptions of human trafficking and bridge the gaps that are sabotaging safety and recovery for survivors


What do we need from the community?

  1. Your continued love and support for our mission because without you, we would not have had to success that we had in such a short amount of time.
  2. Please share this fundraiser to help us recoup the loss that we have experienced due to an unfortunate series of circumstances. 
  3. Register to become an Ambassador and be a part of our movement as we help survivors on their path to autonomy. https://forms.gle/owzmmUXyk8h5K5qKA
  4. Please consider a donation to support Project Underground Railroad and our ongoing efforts as we pursue the search for another safehouse.