Emergency Safehouse

ASPIRE is A Supportive Presence, Initiating Recovery and Empowerment.

Path To Autonomy Safehouse

Our Path to Autonomy Safe House is located in the Lehigh Valley.  It is a 4-bed short-term emergency shelter for female-identifying survivors of human trafficking.  Our Safe House programming includes case management, individual and group therapy, psychoeducational groups, life skills workshops, and mentorship. 

The Safe House was developed to be the first step towards autonomy. With the understanding that survivors of human trafficking can benefit from a comprehensive and more complex level of care, the shelter services provide a space for emotional healing, emotional stabilization, and social inclusion as well as support in daily living tasks such as self-care, financial/budgeting, time management, and taking care of their health.

ASPIRE understands the importance of relationships when healing from trauma and so our shelter support staff strive to create relationships with each client that consists of respect, information, connection, and hope. We believe in a strength-based approach that creates a trauma-informed environment that cultivates a safe place, for our clients to be heard, validated, and empowered by those who work alongside them. Through a secure relationship with a support team, survivors will be given the ability to revise their inner working model thus beginning the process of healing, recovery, and personal growth.


915 West Hamilton Street #171 Allentown, PA 18101



Contact by Phone

24 Hour Hotline (484) 548-0181