Our Internship Program

ASPIRE is A Supportive Presence, Initiating Recovery and Empowerment.

ASPIRE is currently seeking internship candidates to support our human services programming,communications, marketing, and administrative teams for the 2021-22 school year!

We are now accepting both undergraduate and graduate level students with a Human Services focused degree such as Social Work, Psychology, Marketing, Non-Profit Leadership, and  Accounting. Internship opportunities with ASPIRE are available year-round.

ASPIRE is a 501c3 with a mission to provide an environment of safety, healing, and empowerment that will equip trafficking victims with the necessary services and programs to follow their pursuit of independence. Although we specialize is supporting survivors of human trafficking, we understand the imporatance of prevention and through various programs we serve the commuity as a whole.

All intern candidates will become ASPIRE Ambassadors and complete an on-boarding process that includes training, clearances, and releases. We provide flexibility for students in terms of start and end dates for internship positions.

Students have the opportunity to receive course credit for their internship placements. If a student is seeking this option they should inquire with their academic advisor. Training and weekly group supervision provided by a LSW supervisor will be required for all internship positions.

Individual supervision will be offered based on the needs of the intern. Internships will be completed both remotely and in person depending on the assigned department and needs of the organization. Each intern will be required to establish and identify learning goals that will provide a roadmap for the semester and assist with clarification of objectives and goals to be accomplished.

ASPIRE believes that potential interns should possess the following key skills:

ASPIRE potential department internship duties and responsibilities

CIS: Prevention and Outreach

Candidates will learn how to navigate through an array of systems in order to meet the needs of their clients such as mental health, substance abuse, housing issues and homelessness prevention services, education and resources for harm reduction, and community and government resources to fight food insecurity.  Candidates will learn how to unite delivery systems and will dive into underserved neighborhoods and become a link between valuable resources and services to an individual who may otherwise go unnoticed. Often, those services include treatment for mental and emotional health issues, physical ailments and/or addiction. Another component of this program is our series of psychoeducational groups that we facilitate throughout the Lehigh Valley that are hosted by our community partners such as New Bethany Ministries, The Palmer Recover Center,  and Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Unit.

CIS: Specialized Case Management Servies

Candidates will provide effective recovery focused support for individuals in the lehigh Valley area who have a substance abuse disorder or are exhibiting co-occurring disorders across a continuum of services.  Our program specializes in serving victims of human trafficking while ensuring that all individuals who need substance use and specialized care are provided with the same amount of support and care. 

The program works with the existing human services systems to prevent and/or avoid potentially unnecessary incarceration, aid in successful re-entry from prison to decrease recidivism while providing trauma-informed care, and a seamless continuum of care. ASPIRE will do this through a diversified approach that will infiltrate areas of the Lehigh Valley that are not currently being researched or analyzed to identify individuals who have used drugs and alcohol, have been a part of the criminal justice system or at risk of doing so, and those who may have been trafficked.

CIS: Specialized Trauma – Focused and Person-Centered Therapy

Candidates will help us to bring specialized therapy to individuals who are being trafficked, have been trafficked in the past or who are at risk of becoming trafficked by partnering with community partners.  Due to the unique needs of our clients this specialized service line brings therapy services and mental health support to the clients that we strive to support by creating strong community partnerships that will host our therapists at their location thereby allowing us to create a consistent therapy schedule. 

Path to Autonomy Safe House

Other candidates will provide services by way of ASPIRE’s Safe House for women that are survivors of human trafficking. ASPIRE’s Safe House services include life skill group workshops, psychoeducation groups, one on one therapy, and mentorship opportunities. Appropriate training will be provided for all candidates interested in these roles.

ASPIRE’S Communication Department

Candidates for this program will exhibit effective communication and marketing skills to effectively complete their assigned tasks and goals. Candidates will require strong group skills and attend weekly communication meetings. Duties will include social media content and communication, press releases, image creation, website content, and fundraising planning and implementation. Candidates will also be responsible for facilitating and planning Project Underground Railroad trainings at different locations. Interns will also have the opportunity to participate in canvasing events with a focus on Act 197 (The National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline Notificatioin Act).

ASPIRE’S Administrative Department (Including Research and Grant Writing)

Candidates for this program will have the opportunity to utilize strong research skills and background to complete further research on human trafficking globally, nationally, and locally. Article summaries and journal reviews will be completed and utilized for website content. Candidates will have the opportunity to complete research projects with the support of a supervisor with a focus on the impact of human trafficking in our community and the awareness among healthcare providers. Research information gathered is also vital data that will assist candidates who are responsible for grant writing. Candidates interested in grant writing will utilize research information, current statistics and data, and ASPIRE history of services provided to effectively write and submit grant proposals designated for each program provided at ASPIRE.


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