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What is Project: Underground Railroad?

Project Underground Railroad is part of the ASPIRE’s Community Impacting Community Initiative (CIC ). CIC  strives to align with organizations such as law enforcement agencies, the criminal justice system, business owners, and concerned community members to raise awareness and provide a path to autonomy for those who have been trafficked

The mission for this program is to create a network of partnerships between faith-based organizations, business owners, and community-based organizations that will cultivate a system of support for individuals who have been trafficked while educating on the components of human trafficking, informing parents how to keep their children safe, and understanding the effects of trafficking on those who have been victimized.

Your support will aid Aspire in creating a grassroots movement that will educate and equip the community to not only be more aware of human trafficking but provide the necessary tools and resources to take a stand against human trafficking and help to lead victims to safety. By creating relationships with community members, we will be able to cultivate a support network that will harvest employment opportunities and mentorships for survivors as they walk down their path to recovery and gain their independence.

Aspire To Autonomy #PURR T

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Maybe you landed here and may not desire a t-shirt. Here is an awesome opportunity for you to support the Apire mission as we walk with survivors on their “Path To Autonomy.”

Gifts of any size are welcomed.  Apire is a recoginzed 501(c)(3), nonproft organization.


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